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iKeyMonitor text messages spy monitors and records SMS chat histories including every sent and received text message on the targeted iPhone and Android.

Log in to your Control Panel and view all the information from the target device. It can be accessed from anywhere including desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. In addition to data monitoring, the Control Panel allows you to set limits, block tablet activities, and lock the target device permanently. I used advice my friend had gave me and installed Pumpic.

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Now I can restrict the time when he is allowed to play and go online. The app lets me control everything he does on his tablet. Games, online browsing, chats, social networks and even location. I can control all of it and be quite sure he is safe. Ability to follow social chats is of huge help too. Visit our Store , check out available subscription plans and choose the one that meets your expectations and monitoring preferences. After you submit a payment, you will receive an email with setup instructions.

Pumpic app setup process will take you no longer than 5 minutes.

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Follow the guidelines in the email to complete the setup. Note that physical access to the Android target device is required before installation. To see the data from the target device, access your Control Panel via cp. In the Control Panel, you can view logs, media files, location history, set restrictions, manage your devices and subscriptions. Pumpic is a unique parental control tracking application for iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets.

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It is for ethical and legal use only. Important notice. Try it Free. MMGuardian has nearly every parental-control feature you might want, especially on Android, but the user interfaces are outdated and frustrating. Both the iOS and Android apps offer location tracking and excellent web filtering.

App management is strong on Android but primitive on iOS.

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On Android, the parent can read every text and block any number. Time management and screen-time scheduling are also Android-only. Read our full MMGuardian review.

Evaluation Criteria We focused on apps that emphasize proactively setting up filters and limits before your child uses the phone rather than merely tracking activities after the fact. We took the following criteria into account:. We tested each app on every platform it supported twice, from installation to testing to uninstall.

We typically monitored activity from the MacBook Pro, but if apps offered control from a smartphone app, we tested those features as well. Calls and texts for monitoring purposes were made from a secondary Android device. Android parental-control apps remain more robust than their iOS counterparts in most cases, especially with regard to call and text monitoring. But new additions to iOS have closed the gap somewhat. We will note areas in which there are discrepancies in the functionality offered on each platform, but we are not providing distinct ratings and reviews for the iOS versus the Android version of each app.

Parental-control apps for mobile devices work best when they're part of a comprehensive approach to teaching your kids about behaving responsibly online. For that reason, we avoided testing apps that can run in stealth mode on a child's phone. There are many products that tout this capability, but some people use such services to spy not on their children, but on their spouses or on other adults, which is illegal in most U. In addition, we did not consider apps that offered the ability to record a child's phone conversations. State laws vary on the legality of recording someone without his or her consent, and no states allow the recording of phone calls without either party's consent.

Norton, Kaspersky and ESET, which has its own parental-control app for Android, also make antivirus software, and many antivirus products have parental controls built in. To see how well those controls stack up against the stand-alone services, please read The Best and Worst Antivirus Software for Parents. Tom's Guide. Jump To:. Best overall and great for iOS Top pick for Android Great parental control bargain Best multiplatform support Gets kids involved Does one thing very well Leaves room for improvement Full-featured but frustrating. Reasons to Buy Great design. Norton Family Premier Top pick for Android.

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Reasons to Buy Wide feature set. Reasons to Avoid Clunky parental app. Kaspersky Safe Kids Great parental control bargain.

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Reasons to Buy Very affordable. By Lewis Painter 25 Oct If there's one thing that's better than the Retina display on your MacBook or iMac, it's plugging in a second screen. That's all very well if you have a spare screen, or the cash for an additional display, but what if you don't? Can you use your iPad as a second monitor? The answer is, yes you can.

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